Epom expands ad serve platform for affiliate networks

Digital marketer, Epom Ltd., has announced an expansion to its ad serving platform that targets affiliate networks. The new Epom Ad Server for Affiliate Networks functionality was presented at the Affiliate World Europe conference in Berlin in July.
Epom rolls out new Ad Server for Affiliate Networks
Source: epom.com
Essentially, the tool helps affiliate networks launch, manage and track their campaigns in a more efficient way. Epom will also provide clients with access to its own direct offerings and partner networks.
Anton Ruin, the CEO of Epom Ad Server, explains:
anton ruin

“We have conducted an extensive research on the challenges of the professionals involved in affiliate marketing. We came to a conclusion that affiliate networks will benefit from a new technological platform that offers some added value while streamlining their work.”

Starting immediately, Epom Ad Server clients can access a dozen integrated third-party affiliate networks, with more joining in the future. Among those already integrated are Yeahmobi, Mobvista, YouAppi, IronSource, StartApp, Cheetah, Motive Interactive, AppLift, Taptica, and Zucks.
This allows affiliate networks to provide better monetisation conditions for publishers through Epom’s built-in direct offers on the platform. It also features fraud protection through Forensiq and the Media Trust.
The company stressed that launching both affiliate and ad campaigns is optional and affiliate networks are free to decide if they want to use such options.
Prices are click-based with a rate of $250 per one million clicks. That’s a pretty competitive rate which is suitable for both large and smaller affiliate networks.
Andrew Lebowski, the CSO, Epom Ad Server, adds:
andrew lebowski

“We strive to offer a solution that will be equally useful for large, medium-sized, and small networks. I’m sure that our clients will find our rates more than reasonable, and the combination of the two best-in-class anti-fraud solutions will secure their revenues.”

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