Epom Adds RTB Functionality to its Flagship Products

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Posted: May 15, 2017

Epom ltd., a developer of ad serving and ad management solutions, will add new features to its flagship products.
Starting from Q2 2017, its global ad network Epom Market will be operating as a full-fledged demand-side platform (DSP). In its turn, Epom Ad Server will get a DSP extension enabling advertisers to buy traffic from a wider range of sources. The company will announce its revamped solution during Ad Summit Kyiv on May 17, 2017.
With the addition of the new functionality, marketers and brands will get a set of more efficient campaign management and analytics tools. Namely, the new solution will provide the users of Epom Market with more granular control over targeting, bidding, ad tracking, and performance optimization — all within one platform.
The DSP extension for Epom Ad Server is a bidder agent that allows buying traffic from any supply-side source via OpenRTB. This way, advertisers will get access to larger volumes of high-quality traffic via their existing account at Epom Ad Server.
The revamped Epom Market will offer its users access to 250,000 websites, 450+ ad networks, and over 150 billion monthly impressions. The traffic available via the DSP includes the high-quality impressions from Epom Ad Server. To guarantee traffic safety, Epom Market uses third-party fraud and traffic quality scanners .
The Epom Market supports a wide array of features for vertical and lateral targeting, including geo, age, gender, behavioral factors, retargeting etc. As in case with other products of Epom ltd., clients of Epom Market will benefit from professional customer support available 24/7.
During the first months following its release, the Epom Market will put a greater emphasis on desktop traffic. Specifically, 60% of the impressions processed by the platform will be served on desktop. The DSP will distribute the remaining 40% between mobile (25%) and in-app advertising (15%).
According to Epom’s Head of Programmatic, Oleg Sokolan, the decision to add DSP functionality was a reaction to the growing demand among customers:
“For months, our clients have been providing us with feedback on the features they found valuable and desirable. This ‘wishlist’ mostly came down to three major things.
First, there’s granular control over each phase of the campaign management process. Second, our clients highlighted the need for an ability to work with multiple ad exchanges — and multiple data exchange accounts — via a single dashboard. Finally, marketers also need reliable tools to run and optimize campaigns based on a set of clearly-defined KPIs and real-time data. Naturally, the latter implies the need of a solution enabling in-depth analytics.
A self-serve DSP is, conceptually, ideal in the way it meets these requirements. This is the reason why the use of DSPs seems like a trend that’s gaining momentum. Also, this is the reason why we’re launching a DSP of our own.”
Come to Ad Summit Kyiv on May 17th to be among the first who gets the access to new functionality.

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