Engagement levels on Facebook are up, despite privacy issues and scandals

Although its involvement in numerous scandals and privacy issues should be having an effect on user engagement, Facebook has found that social media may not care.

According to Facebook’s Audience Insights, the company saw a rise in median engagement across comments, likes and clicks during the first half of 2019.

In the US, post comments rose from 6 to 8 in median engagement levels, whilst post likes jumped four places to 13 and ad clicks rose from 13 to 17.

Globally, the social network saw similar engagement level increases with comments growing from level 4 to 5, likes rising to 13 from 9 and ad clicks increasing to 11, up from 8.

Daniel Newman a principal analyst at Futurum Research told US news site CNBC that the spike in engagement levels was likely due to improved machine learning algorithms and users seeing more relevant content.

As user growth slows across the platform, Facebook has been busy bolstering its engagement strategies. The company recently added a feature for Page admins to reach top fans more easily, among other improvements.

Facebook has 2.7 billion monthly users worldwide and 1.56 billion daily users. However, research by eMarketer suggests that average time spent on the social network decreased 1.9% in 2018, with younger users leading the shift away from Facebook to competitors such as Snapchat and Instagram.

The social media company appears to be well aware of the situation. According to The Information:

“[Facebook researchers] warned that if enough users started posting on Instagram or WhatsApp instead of Facebook, the blue app could enter a self-sustaining decline in usage that would be difficult to undo. And although such ‘tipping points’ are difficult to predict, they should be Facebook’s biggest concern.”

Facebook engagement rates and user growth are likely to stall over the next few years, as predicted by numerous reports, but that’s unlikely to affect its ad revenue – for now.