Customer satisfaction lowest for Facebook, highest for Pinterest

Although 70% of US adults are using social media to communicate with each other, the majority are not satisfied with social networks.

Findings by the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s (ACSI®) E-Business Report 2018-2019, highlight that overall customer satisfaction of social media ranked lowest at 72 points (out of 100). Satisfaction is driven in part by privacy issues and ad disruptions.

Facebook satisfaction dropped 6% to the lowest spot for all measured social networks due to its involvement in fake news and election meddling.

The network also received the lowest scores for its display ads. Users aren’t happy with the way photos and videos are uploaded to the site and content relevance is questionable.

Pinterest scored highest for customer satisfaction among the individual social networks driven by content relevance and variety of information.

Pinterest advertising was deemed most acceptable among social media users. Surprisingly, it’s mobile app quality outranked that of its competitors.

YouTube came second, followed Snapchat and LinkedIn.

“Users are monitoring their browsers and adjusting privacy settings, while the use of ad blockers continues to grow steadily. There are some bright spots, but many social media companies will have to regain consumer trust if they want to grow satisfaction,” explains David VanAmburg, Managing Director at the ACSI.

Although Google dropped 4% to 79 points it remains the market leader when it comes to search. Meanwhile, AOL posted gains of 9%.

Consumers were also more satisfied with mobile apps provided by search engines. Reliability of mobile apps and the number of ads on the site were overall rated preferable for search engines.