ClickDealer Needs Your Vote at the International Performance Marketing Awards

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Partner Post - ClickDealer - Only scalable mobile offers that work

Posted: September 5, 2017

Performance marketing is all about the big “R”s:  reputation, reciprocation, and reliability. All of those reflect in the biggest R of them all, namely – ratings. In this highly competitive industry, newcomers are faced with a vast multitude of options for partnership, and the first choice starting out can make or break a career. Awards like IPMA provide a much needed reference point for those in search of a company that holds mutual benefit at the crux of its operations.
ClickDealer is in its sixth year on the market and we have got a lot to show for it. Thousands of exclusive offers accumulated throughout the years, reinforced by the indispensable performance marketing expertise of our management team, result in a portfolio of successful campaigns our partners can attest to. Another portfolio we are proud of is full of photos and videos from our yearly global meetups, private parties, showcases, and other events we put together to entertain the people we work with.
Naturally, the most plausible source of opinions on that matter are partners themselves, and that is why we turn to you for feedback. If you enjoy the services we provide and think ClickDealer deserves this distinction, vote for us in the survey and help us get the title.
In case you don’t work with us yet and want to see for yourself – feel free to sign up. We greatly appreciate your effort.

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