eToro Revenue and Usage Statistics (2022)

David Curry

Updated: May 4, 2022

With the introduction of zero-commission stock trading apps, a whole new class of investor joined the stock market. While some apps have shied away from adding tools to inform and help, eToro built its app from the ground up to be beneficial to inexperienced investors.

It did this through its social investment platform, which allows anyone on the app to follow and copy the best performing investors on the network. Through this, inexperienced traders can learn what to watch for and how to manage stocks.

eToro was built by two brothers, Yoni and Ronen Assia, in 2007. The app truly came online in 2010 with the introduction of the social network, and the company added hundreds of stocks from the UK, Germany and US.

In 2014, eToro added bitcoin trading to its investment instruments. It followed up in 2017 with a new trading platform, based on Blockchain technology. It wasn’t until 2019 that eToro reduced all its commissions to zero, following from the success of Robinhood.

eToro, like a lot of fintech businesses, has seen its usage and valuations rise sharply in the past two years. It has added seven million active users since the pandemic started, while its valuation also increased tenfold.

Even though eToro still has a majority of its users in Europe, it is attempting to expand into the US through its zero-commission stock trading and cryptocurrency exchange.

It plans to IPO on the NASDAQ through a SPAC later this year.

We have collected data and statistics on eToro. Read on below to find out more.

eToro key statistics

  • eToro generated $605 million revenue in 2020, a 146% year-on-year increase
  • It also noticed a 400% increase in trading volume during that time
  • In June 2021, eToro reached 20 million active users
  • It has set an IPO valuation of $10.4 billion, a 316% increase on its 2020 valuation

eToro overview

Launch date 16 January 2007
HQ Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
People Yoni Assia (CEO), Ronen Assia (executive director), Shalom Berkovitz (CFO)
Business type Private
Owner Stock trading and cryptocurrency exchange

eToro revenue

Year Revenue
2016 $60 million
2017 $263 million
2018 $369 million
2019 $245 million
2020 $605 million

Source: Company data

eToro trading volume

Year Trading volume
2019 $300 billion
2020 $1.5 trillion

Source: Finance Magnates

eToro active accounts

Year Active accounts
2019 1.1 million
2020 2 million

Source: SEC document 

eToro registered users

Year Users
2016 5.6 million
2017 8.1 million
2018 10 million
2019 12 million
2020 17 million
2021 20 million

Source: SEC document 

eToro valuation

Year Valuation
2018 $0.8 million
2020 $2.5 billion
2021 $10 billion

Note: 2021 valuation is eToro’s own private valuation pre-IPO 

Sources: Reuters, Bloomberg

eToro users vs competitors: global

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eToro FAQ

What is the average age of an eToro user?

The average eToro user is 34 years old

What are the regional demographics of eToro?

69% of users are from Europe, followed by Asia-Pacific (18%) and then the Americas (8%)

What is the job demographics of eToro users?

11% are full-time traders or investors, followed by 10% in computer/IT services and 7% in sales or marketing

What are the most popular stocks traded on eToro?

Bitcoin is the most popular, it accounts for one in every 25 positions opened. Tesla, Microsoft and Apple are the most traded stocks. NASDAQ 100 is the most traded index. Oil is the most traded commodity.

How many countries is eToro in?

eToro is available in 140 countries

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