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Posted: July 30, 2014

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Known as the hottest dating and mobile affiliate network, ClickDealer is heating the air up, so get ready to sweat…
In the past the network has managed to create some great deals for their affiliates, and this spirit continues with their latest contest. They are also inviting affiliates to their next meetup and offering brand new awards within their Loyalty Program as well. The details are as follows:
ClickDealer Quest Contest
July 1st was the kick-off date of the outrageous ClickDealer Contest. It represents a skillfully designed Quest for Treasure and the treasure is real gold! Imagine being a pirate in a pursuit of eternal glory and wealth. No doubt, the quest requires great efforts from affiliates, but in the end the one who manages to overcome all other contestants gets $50K credited to their account. Are pulses racing yet?
Imagine the sweet victory having demolished all barriers and getting to the precious treasure. The most exciting part of this Quest is that there will be 15 winners! The first three corsairs will get $50,000, $25,000 and $10,000. The first ten Second Mates will be awarded with actual golden coins and last but not least, those lucky affiliates who take stand from the 4th to the 15th in the leaderboard will multiply their Loyalty points by 150%! More information on this contest can be found here.
ClickDealer Meetups
ClickDealer has established a good tradition of holding Meetups. Their affiliates really enjoyed the last one, especially the fact that the tickets and hotel were paid for as well. Get an idea of the long groovy weekend they spent together in Barcelona by checking out the video here.
They want their next gathering to be more engaging and have left the choice of destination up to their affiliates. How does it work? Affiliates vote for the country they want to hang out at and ClickDealer takes you there for the next meetup! Excited? More information on this meetup can be found here.
ClickDealer Loyalty Program
To top it all they reward their affiliates for being loyal to them. The ClickDealer Loyalty Program is a win-win offer. Based on affiliates’ revenue, they are credited points to their account which can be redeemed for luxurious prizes. Many affiliates are already enjoying their iPhones, MacBooks, PS4s and lots of other rewards!
This summer they have enlarged the selection of items available and established two new categories, replying to the demands of their affiliates. The collection of Gift Cards they added and special summer prizes turned out to be in high demand as well. Order a 2-month supply of beer, a portable cooler or even a watercraft. Working with ClickDealer is always fun!
You can find out more about the ClickDealer contest here.

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