Brand influencers are more active on Instagram Stories compared to Snapchat

Just in time for Snap Inc’s second quarter earnings report, marketing platform Snaplytics analysed over 800 social media app influencers to find out more about brand mentions on Snapchat and Instagram Stories.
Interestingly, influencer activity on Snapchat seems to be decreasing, whilst rival Instagram Stories gained in traction particularly with larger brands.
Influencers are defined as more active users who endorse brands through Instagram stories and Snapchat.
A growing number of brands are now using both apps. However, smaller brands still dominated Snapchat at 8% more than Instagram which suggests that they may enjoy simpler navigation features. Larger brands feature more heavily on Instagram Stories, which may have something to do with the company’s ad and reporting algorithms.
For example, larger beauty brands such as L’Oreal and Estée Lauder had a greater share of voice on Instagram (14%) compared to Snapchat, whilst smaller beauty players such as Kosé (5%) had a larger presence on Snapchat. Smaller brands also have more brand mentions on Snapchat (56%) than on Instagram (52%).

The Snaplytics Quarterly Report also noted the 14 most active influencers on both social media apps.
In addition, it noted that brands are becoming more savvy when it comes to adding followers on Snapchat. During the second quarter more than half of new followers were added via Deeplink instead of Username (26%) on Snapchat.
Of the 54.8% of followers who will open a brand story, 91% will watch the Story in full. Brands post an average nine snaps 3.25 times a week. Completion rates had increased over the last four quarters.
Thomas Cilius, CEO & Co-Founder Snaplytics, explained:

“There is a lot of debate about Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories. I do believe the data shows there is room for both, and each has something unique to offer to their users – Instagram for scale, Snapchat for intimacy – both with excellent ROI.”

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