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Posted: March 13, 2017

Dave Bell is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Gummicube. In this role, Dave is responsible for overseeing the business strategy for the company, driving growth and market development. Dave is a pioneer of the mobile entertainment industry with more than 15 years of experience publishing, marketing and distributing mobile applications and games across carrier, direct to consumer and app store channels.

Search Ads: Search Ad Relevancy is Critical for Conversion

App developers are constantly looking for ways to improve their conversion rates and make their app more discoverable. Search Ads are just one of the ways that developers can bring more users to their app, and serve as another way to promote the app. The sponsored app placements appear at the top of certain searches and give apps more visibility and engages users with new apps. The real question is how does a Search Ad’s relevancy help in conversion rates?

Why Search Ad Relevancy Matters:

Having a Search Ad helps to create visibility and generally helps with conversion rates. Every app has a keyword rank, and as ASO strongly suggests, having titles, descriptions and screenshots containing those keywords builds more relevancy and leads more users to the app. Developers also need to worry because Apple must deem the app relevant to the term for its Search Ad to appear. An app’s relevancy connects to the carefully thought out metadata. For a Search Ad to be beneficial to promoting an app, developers must carefully craft app titles, descriptions and screenshots.

How to Create a More Relevancy Within the App Listing:

Before developers can create a Search Ad for their app, the App Store listing needs focus on relevant keywords to effectively create more relevancy for the Search Ad. There are simple tips to making an App Store listing better and simple ways for an app to contain more relevant keywords. Developers need effectively use the strong metadata to help boost an app’s relevancy for keywords. By targeting these keywords heavily in the title, description and screenshots, developers can rank above competitors and get more visibility for their app.

App Store listings need to be as attractive as possible. The page listing sets up how a Search Ad will look, and Apple allows two forms of Search Ads to be visible to users. This can either be a Search Ad of the app with just text or a Search Ad with screenshots of the app’s core features. Currently, the type of Search Ad that appears is controlled by Apple’s algorithm to determine which ad is more relevant to the user’s search.

App Titles:

Bearing in mind that what you are trying to build relevancy for may be one or a group of keywords, one of the first things developers can do to create more relevancy for those terms is by targeting keywords in the app’s title. When the app’s title contains relevant keywords, it builds additional phrases with the app’s keyword bank.

Relevant Keywords:

The matrix of keywords you build can help boost your relevancy for your targeted terms. Build additional phrases through the title and keyword bank for a solid start to building a highly relevant ASO strategy for Search Ads. Branch out and target keywords and phrases that that users may be using to search. Focus on your app’s core functionality and what is trending in the space.


When developers are writing an app’s description, they need to build relevancy with keywords by not directly targeting them, but by using the keywords to tell users what the app’s features are. The first line of the description can be shown in the Search Ad, which means developers need to place relevant keywords first to build more relevancy. Developers need to build relevancy through the description by using high-volume keywords from the keyword bank.

Metadata and Other Creatives:

Screenshots are a  creative aspect of the metadata that will greatly aid in conversion. Since keywords are the best way of doing this, having visually appealing screenshots that include high-volume, relevant keywords can successfully optimize any Search Ad. End users are visually driven when searching through the App Store, and an app that has better screenshots than a competitor can often convert more users.

Developers also need to know their audience when creating Search Ads. If end users are not clicking on Search Ads in the App Store they simply disappear. By making the Search Ad appealing to users and having it focused on the relevant keywords users are using in their search, it can lead to more users seeing the app and higher conversion rates. Since Apple currently creates the Search Ad based off the app’s title and description, having more relevant keywords means that the Search Ad will be just as relevant when users are searching through the App Store.

The metadata is incredibly important for successfully optimizing an app and making sure that the Search Ad will be successful too.


For Search Ads to help an app’s conversion rates, the app needs to stay relevant and cling onto the carefully crafted metadata. If an app’s title, description and screenshots all contain relevant keywords, it creates more visibility for an app through relevant Search Ads. Apps need to be seen by users for Search Ads to even show in the App Store, but developers need to make sure that keywords used within the metadata align with a user’s search to become relevant.

Users are often visually driven to download an app, which means that having an attractive Search Ad greatly helps in conversion rates. For every user that sees an appealing Search Ad, another might decide to download based off how visually interesting the ad was. Keep the App Store listing relevant with strong metadata for Search Ads to appear, and keep the ad attractive to help convert more users.

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