Bidalgo and AppsFlyer partner to launch Full-Funnel Attribution solution for Apple Search Ads

Anne Freier | December 15, 2017

Mobile Advertising

Apple Search Ads have proven a useful tool for app developers and marketers to generate engagement with over 65% of app downloads coming directly through the App Store.
Now, Bidalgo, the ad creative automation software for app marketers, and mobile attribution and marketing analytics provider AppsFlyer, have launched a Full-Funnel Attribution solution for Apple Search Ads.
It’s essentially a combination of Bildago’s ad automation platform and AppsFlyer’s consumer behavior measurement data which allows app marketers to run smarter and more profitable install campaigns on Apple Search Ads.

“We know that Apple Search Ads account for a large percentage of all downloads through the App Store, making it an incredibly important channel for app marketers,” said Peli Beeri, CEO of Bidalgo. “At the same time, marketers face a difficult challenge in tracking their post install events and attributing it back to the campaigns that they ran. Our partnership with AppsFlyer is critically important because it allows marketers to connect their Apple Search Ad campaigns to in-app revenue through a single platform.”

By tracking their campaign performance lifetime value and return on investment, marketers can get the most out of Apple Search Ads campaigns and optimize their variables such as keywords, targeting, bid rates, and more.
Bidalgo has also included optimization via Facebook, Instagram, Google, and more.
Product Madness, the mobile gaming studio owned by Aristrocrat, has already tested Bidalgo in conjunction with AppsFlyer to see how automated ads on Apple Search Ads would perform for its Heart of Vegas and Cashman Casino titles. The company’s 3-day return on ad spend was 40% higher on Apple Search Ads than other channels, leading to Product Madness scaling its Apple Search Ads campaigns more than 3x with Bidalgo.
Elad Mashiach, VP Partner Development of AppsFlyer, adds:

“App developers who are trying to compete in today’s environment require a data-driven framework for understanding the impact of their app marketing campaigns, and AppsFlyer is solving that challenge. By layering our industry-leading attribution data on top of Bidalgo’s ad platform, Bidalgo has been quick to recognize the value developers can get from flexible, customizable views into all of the consumer behaviors affecting their Apple Search Ad campaigns.”