Appsfire announces ‘sashimi’ native ad format

Appsfire has announced a brand new native mobile ad format that lets developers deploy in-stream ads within their apps.
Dubbed ‘sashimi’ the format is similar to the in-stream ads offered by Facebook and Twitter, but can be deployed across any app that features a content feed. The ad unit is automatically generated and developers can tweak things with a set of customisable templates.
Check out the video below for an illustration of sashimis in action – it certainly looks slick.

Appsfire has recently undergone a re-focus from its popular app discovery platform, toward developing native ad formats (ads that – essentially – blend more cohesively with a particular app’s design and UI). The company is very evangelical when it comes to improving the quality of mobile advertising and achieving its ultimate goal of “killing the banner ad.”
We caught-up with CEO Ouriel Ohayon and asked him if he really thinks native ads have the ability to scale and seriously challenge current formats. Here’s what Ouriel had to say:

“Banners are in self destructing mode already. User’s don’t pay attention to them, traffic is massively run by bots, clicks are accidental, production is tedious, rendering and visuals are ugly….The market is in need for better, high resolution, simple, elegant, “less intrusive” formats.
Native ads, by which we mean, ads that blends in the content, the code and the experience of a mobile app are a solution. Google proved it with search so far. Facebook with app installs on mobile. But you have to find the right equilibrium between an orginal ad format and something that can scale. The good news is that advertisers already have done the hard work: all the elements for merchandising an app and its content are already done when they are published in the app store (icon, screenshots, …) and more are even available in the store from users (certain reviews). All that is necessary is to find a systematic method to wrap this content to make them ad units that can scale in production and that are dead easy and flexible in integration.”

It’s hard to disagree with Appsfire’s vision of the future of mobile ads, especially when they look as slick as the sashimi format and the previously announced ‘ura maki’ format. General questions over scale will remain when it comes to native in-app ads (the more ‘native’ an ad becomes the harder it is to apply to the multitude of different apps out there). But hopefully the days of banners clogging-up our precious screen real estate are numbered. For more info, head over to the Appsfire website.

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