AppLift launches mobile app dynamic playable ad solution

AppLift, the mobile advertising technology company, today launched AppLift Studio, which allows mobile app advertisers to develop creatives with playable ad performance.
The company has collaborated with Gamewheel for its proprietary engagement tool – Dynamic Playable Optimization. Integrated with its own DataLift 360 platform, this means that AppLift can now offer dynamic playable ads. The company says that these ads may boost performance and conversion rates.
The AppLift Studio provides playables and premium programmatic engagement campaigns. Leading up to the release, AppLift tested a handful of campaigns with top game advertisers. It found that ROAS increased 5x.

“Advertisers have been seeking alternate media channels outside the walled gardens on which to transfer complex messages,” said Tim Koschella, CEO of AppLift. “With AppLift Studio, the advertiser’s data is in safe hands. We are thrilled to offer access to premium Playable creatives on programmatic.”

According to research, app retention rates on day 1 are just 26% for both iOS and Android. At day 30, retention rates are as low as 6%.
Additionally, user acquisition costs are becoming ever more expensive. This has resulted in app advertisers having to focus on long-term strategies to maximise their ROI.
Evgeni Kouris, CEO and Founder of Gamewheel, explained:

“We’re seeing more brands and game publishers realise the need for a measurable marketing approach for branding and performance. By marrying AppLift’s programmatic expertise and our wealth of creative capabilities, we are able to offer a premium playable experience, accessible via RTB. By running it programmatically, as opposed to on a network, we’re able to offer higher levels of transparency and better options for advertisers to reach their target users with the right messages.”

However, AppLift Studio is not just for playable ads. Instead, it also includes support for programmatic engagement campaigns through Gamewheel as well as a focus on data, media and creative.
Clients are getting end-to-end support from experts as well as access to premium creative ad units. AppLift’s proprietary platform DataLift360 now reaches around 65 billion monthly unique impressions with Playables.