AppLift introduces updated fraud detection solution for app install advertisers

With advertising fraud predicted to waste $16.4 billion in ad dollars in 2017, it is perfect timing for mobile ad tech company AppLift to release a newly expanded version of its fraud prevention suite Fraud Buster.
The latest update is said to focus on fighting app install fraud in real-time in order to boost the lifetime value of the user and secure an increased return on ad spend (ROAS).
Following a two-year anti-fraud pattern learning and statistical modeling period, the feature now actively listens to traffic across all channels.
AppLift says that the Fraud Buster bypasses the usually reactive approaches to fraud detection which tend to be based on historical data. Instead, it incorporates real-time detection and prevention features.
Maor Sadra, CRO of AppLift, explains:

“As fraudsters game mobile app installs to their benefit, the trust upon which the online advertising ecosystem is built erodes at an expedited rate. The Fraud Buster arrests this growth from the start of the campaign as opposed to relying solely on historical analysis and traffic control.”

Advertisers can now also adjust the default industry standard thresholds to suit their needs. For example, the size of an app can be configurated. In addition, custom rules can be created and added.
Fraud Buster is part of AppLift’s DataLift 360 platform.

“We are changing the way industry fraud is fought,” said Sadra. “The Fraud Buster’s customizable configuration goes beyond what was previously available to app advertisers. The Fraud Buster is part of our commitment to fueling mobile advertisers’ growth as well as upholding the highest standards of quality.”

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