Apple accidentally removes apps it wrongly claims contain gambling content

Andy Boxall | August 10, 2018

App Business

Apple may have been mistakenly removing apps for containing gambling content, when no such content exists, say some developers. In a BBC report, several developers in Europe have noted their non-gambling apps have been taken down from the App Store, with guidance from Apple that it’s due to gambling related issues.

Polish developer Wojtek Pietrusiewicz noticed his magazine app had been taken out of the App Store, and tweeted Apple’s reasoning, which states that to comply with government requests to address illegal online gambling activity, the app has been removed from the App Store. The note adds Apple no longer allows gambling apps to be submitted by individual developers.

Several replies in the Twitter thread come from developers with the same problem. The BBC mentions a GIF-sharing app, and a service for sharing Xbox gaming clips as some of those affected, that do not contain gambling. Apple has apparently started to reinstate some of the apps that have been accidentally removed; but developers may have to contact the company to speed up the process.

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