AOL UK and Weve have partnered to target audiences on mobile devices more effectively


Source Weve

AOL UK and O2-owned marketing service Weve, have partnered up to enable advertisers to target audiences more effectively.
As part of the deal, Weve Insights will be integrated into AOL’s mobile advertising properties including its One programmatic platform which uses the Axonix technology. This enables AOL advertisers and Axonix first-party data to be combined for more unique targeting opportunities.
Weve will be employing the Axonix technology to model its first-party data to be linked with AOL One.
Gavin Johnson, Commercial Director, AOL UK, explains:

“This relationship allows us to offer enhanced, accurate targeting at scale, through triple-play data insights and audience verification. When you overlay these valuable sets of insights across our own programmatic ONE by AOL platform and media brands like The Huffington Post, Engadget, Build, MAKERS and the Microsoft portfolio, it presents a unique and powerful proposition to the market; an excellent alternative to the behemoths of search and social.”

Mobile marketers will also be able to utilise Nielsen verified data to drive more accurate demographics, as well as location targeting features and analytics insights.
Tom Pearman, Commercial Director at Weve adds:

“As we evolve the Weve business, we’re focused on providing access to some of the best mobile insights in the market. This is an important step towards our goal of providing even more great programmatic offerings to the industry. Weve Insights are powered by the largest modelled telco-verified data set available in the UK, offering an unparalleled view into the lives and routines of the people that brands and agencies want to reach, both in the online and offline world.”

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