Adverts are coming to push notifications on Apple devices

Apple will be adding push notifications to its advertising mix, according to its newly published App Store guidelines.

App push notifications were previously banned from featuring adverts. As of now, as long as users have agreed to receive app notifications, they may also receive ads.

Users can, of course, opt out of receiving notifications any time. And it’s likely that plenty of device owners will now be opting out, because ads carried in push notifications may be seen as particularly intrusive.

Apple had previously been criticised for sharing its own push notifications that read like adverts.

Therefore, the move is likely to reflect the company’s commitment to creating a fair environment for all app developers.

It remains to be seen how consumers are going to react. Some notifications, like flash sales at your local supermarket, could turn out rather useful, whilst others (like dating app notifications to purchase an add-on) may be perceived more spammy.

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