AdTheorent launches comprehensive anti-fraud infrastructure for mobile advertisers

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AdTheorent, the predictive ad tech company, has announced the completion of its anti-fraud solution, delivering the first truly clean mobile supply to marketers. The technology identifies anomalies and unusual behaviour which may impact publisher inventory, whilst scanning mobile websites and apps across its network for issues. The company says that its qualitative analysis can detect low value ad impresions such as mis-clicks. All fraudulent activity then gets filtered.
AdTheorent launches fraud detection as part of its Predictive Advertising Technology
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According to a 2015 study by the Association of National Advertisers, 11% of digital display and 23% of video impressions are fraudulent, causing $6bn in revenue losses. James Lawson, Managing Partner and CLO, AdTheorent, comments:

“Ad fraud undermines advertiser confidence in the efficacy of mobile advertising, thus we have made a significant infrastructural investment to offer our advertisers supplemental protections that simply don’t exist in the broader market. Fraud detection solutions are en vogue at the moment, but our strategy is not to re-skin existing third party verification offerings, which have limitations. Instead, AdTheorent data scientists and software developers continue to innovate towards both data-driven and qualitative solutions that will advance mobile advertising into its next phase.”

Previously, the company used third-party verification processes to assist partners in cleaning up their inventory. But given the growth of the mobile ad market, AdTheorent knew it was time to develop a dedicated and more sophisticated mobile fraud detection solution. The solution is powered by complex data algorithms which can detect non-human behaviour and bot usage. Chris Cagle, EVP of Technology, AdTheorent adds:

“A fraud-detection algorithm is only as good as the data that fuels it, and AdTheorent has access to vast amounts of data that third party verification tools simply do not have, which we use to detect fraud in ways that others simply cannot. Unlike most third-party verification tools, AdTheorent’s software can detect fraud within app environments, which accounts for a large percentage of mobile inventory.”

At the same time the new infrastructure is dynamic and can adapt to changing data. AdTheorent calls it a “Learner” component, which can deal with huge data volumes to develop agile real-time models. In its press release, the company states:

“AdTheorent is able to ingest more data, enrich it more nimbly and efficiently, and create and update more predictive models than any other solution. Such models can search for both impressions most likely to engage with an advertiser, as well as impressions whose attributes reveal indicia of fraudulent non-human activity.”

Ultimately, the new solution enables marketers to run safer ads and experience a greater return on investment.

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