Adscend Media launches SDK for its AdWall alternative in-app monetization tool

Adscend Media has launched an SDK for developers to integrate its AdWall technology into apps. The SDK is available for both iOS and Android, and provides an alternative method of monetization beyond in-app purchases, that still provide rewards and potentially generate revenue from traditionally non-paying users.
Fehzan Ali, Adscend Media’s CEO, said:

“With millions of apps to choose from, users don’t have to spend money on, or in, an app anymore. Solutions like AdWall enable developers to adapt to the current app economy, while still generating revenue. We’re excited to introduce AdWall to a wider range of app developers, and can’t wait for our SDK publishers to experience the same strong results as publishers implementing AdWall via API or WebView.”

Adscend Media’s AdWall provides app users with alternative methods of gaining in-app rewards
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The AdWall, once integrated into an app, lets users scroll through available offers — there are ten different categories, including video, mobile app ads, and sweepstakes — without any performance drawbacks.
Adscend Media claims developers using AdWall’s API in the U.S. have generated eCPM’s of around $80, or $70 internationally, and the company expects this figure to be consistent when using the SDK.
Visit Adscend Media’s website for details on how to sign-up.

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