Adjust rejected around 200 million fraudulent app installs in 2019

Adjust, the mobile measurement and fraud prevention company, said it rejected around 200 million fraudulent app installs in 2019, saving clients around $450 million in ad spend.

Ad fraud is estimated to have wasted $42 billion in ad dollars this year.

“Fraud prevention is a critical challenge that is growing in importance for many of the 30,000 apps we work with around the world,” said Paul H. Müller, co-founder and CTO of Adjust. “Going into 2020, our mission remains the same: to help keep the ecosystem honest and open through education and collaboration.”

The company has been busy expanding its fraud prevention tools as mobile is expected to account for 50% of global internet ad spend by 2021.

“Increasingly, brands are taking a mobile-centric strategy — defined by data, delivered by apps and enabled by multiple touchpoints,” said Christian Henschel, co-founder and CEO at Adjust. “It’s an exciting dynamic that we are directing as we pursue our ambition of becoming the industry’s definitive growth engine.”

Looking back on 2019, Adjust said it made a few changes this year to simplify mobile advertising.

It reduced repetitive workflows through automation after acquiring data aggregation platform

The company also address in-app bot attacks which mimic human behaviour by acquiring Unbotify which uses machine-learning to detect bots in real-time.

Lastly, Adjust invested more heavily in its Japanese expansion by forming strategic partnerships with marketing agencies CyberZ and Adways in 2019.

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