Adform rolls out cross-device targeting solution for mobile advertisers

Adform, the ad technology platform, launched a new cross-device targeting solution to expand its identity management tools. It is supported by artificial intelligence technologies.

The solution uses the company’s Cross-Device Graph to provide enhanced user targeting across devices. It removes the need for advertisers to use an external cross-device vendor.

At the same time, its AI technology maps data signals to user profiles to allow advertisers to reach audiences holistically.

“While the majority of online advertising is still largely based on individual cookies and mobile identifiers, conversion rates and the effectiveness of frequency capping are already lagging where cross-device measurement isn’t being leveraged,” said Jochen Schlosser, chief strategy officer at Adform.

“The number of Internet-enabled devices per user continues to increase, and the complexity of individual ID graphs is constantly growing more complex. Adform Cross-Device is an essential tool for bringing order and plays a central role in ensuring that users are not bombarded with irrelevant ads. For advertisers, this also means reduced budget wastage and more specific messaging control.”

Cross-Device now identifies around 3.2 different devices for around 70% of unique cookies, according to the company. The profiles can then be used for targeting, data management or reporting.

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