Adelphic DSP clients can now buy mobile advertising space through Kargo

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Mobile brand advertiser Kargo has officially partnered up with mobile and cross-channel DSP Adelphic. The move enables Adelphic clients to buy premium ad space through Kargo’s publisher alliances which include The New York Times, Hearst, and CBS Interactive and reach over 186 million customers in the US and UK.
Kargo brand campaign
Adelphic provides cross-channel audience insights as well as personalised tags. In combination with Kargo’s ad formats and mobile reach the company hopes to improve the impact and accuracy of its ad placements yielding a higher ROI for its brand clients.
Michael Collins, CEO of Adelphic, explains:
michael1 collins

“Ad buyers understand that mobile is central to consumers’ content consumption preferences, and they’re looking for tools that enable them to reach these audiences efficiently, at scale, and with the precision of data-driven optimisation. Through this partnership, our clients will be able to check all of these boxes as part of an ecosystem that is open and fair for all.”

Kargo publishers will also stand to benefit from the move by being able to sell their ad inventory directly to brands rather than through third-party platforms.
Harry Kargman, Founder and CEO of Kargo, adds:
harry kargman

“We see eye-to-eye with Adelphic when it comes to the value of premium editorial environments that reduce ad fraud and give brands and agencies access to high quality readers who are more likely to see and engage with their campaigns. This approach to mobile advertising is particularly important as media companies fight to regain control from platforms like Facebook, which control the vast majority of digital and mobile ad dollars and limit publishers’ share of the profit.”

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