Adding a multiple platform approach to mobile ad campaigns yields higher brand awareness


Source IAB

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) just released the results of a new study that examines if including mobile and desktop ads in a multi-platform campaign can improve brand impact.
The research, conducted by Research Now examines major brands’ live campaigns running across five verticals – Automotive, CPG, Retail, Finance, and Media – to reveal if mobile web, app, and desktop ads are effective in driving brand impact.
The research shows that whilst digital campaigns alone are effective for brand metrics, in combination with other media they become an even more valuable tool to drive new messages.
For example, the inclusion of mobile web advertising drove an automotive campaign’s brand familiarity by 19%.
For an improved mixture of campaign channels, IAB recommends at least one digital option such as mobile web, app or desktop and TV. Indeed, the same automotive campaign was found to drive up brand awareness by 211% when desktop ads were combined with mobile web and TV.
This also drove 47% of total campaign lift in purchase intent for a known food brand.
Anna Bager, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mobile and Video, IAB, explains:
Anna bager

“The findings from this study confirm to marketers the tremendous impact of the addition of digital to brand marketing campaigns. As interactive screens take an even more central role in our lives, they need to become a fixture in the media mix. Digital is crucial, if brands want to get the most out of any advertising investment.”

For maximum brand lift, advertisers are advised to combine their digital ad efforts with other media, reinforcing their messages online and offline.
Desktop, mobile and in-app campaigns are all effective in driving campaign messaging. As such, the current market presents an opportunity to optimise a campaign’s digital frequency.

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