Adcash Launches New Background Ad Format

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Posted: April 25, 2016

This month Adcash launches a new ad format. Essentially the new Background ad format consists of a pair of image banners that appears in the “first-fold” of a web page.
The obvious benefit, that this new ad format brings to advertisers, is that it occupies a web page space that viewers will guarantee to see and potentially interact with. Also by virtue of having more real estate of a web page it’s possible now to convey more compelling message.
Here is one of examples of how Background ad format looks like and how two images in conjunction will allow advertisers to engage their target audience more than with other ad formats.
Left and right-side background banners
11-11_left_en   11-11_right_en
As you can see these two banners represent a single image spliced in two and they both deliver a single message, that is spread across a web page. If the same message was presented on a single banner of the same size as these two, it would look too annoying for the web page visitors and certainly the ad would be less effective.
For Adcash advertisers a procedure to create a Background format ad is really straightforward. To create an ad campaign with this new format, they need to log in and upload either two or just one image, if they prefer to limit an ad with just a single image. The specs for images to use for a Background ad format is that they should be 340*770 px and no more than 200KB in size.
To know more about Adcash advertising network visit their website.

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