Adcash Enhances its Platform With User Interest Targeting

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Posted: April 4, 2016

Adcash rolls out user interest targeting to enhance its mobile ad platform capabilities!
Todor Todorov, Senior Product Manager – Ad Server & RTB at Adcash said:

The reason we added user interest targeting to our product lineup is simple: choice. It gives advertisers an added element of flexibility, so they can create the type of ad campaign that they know works better.

What is user interest targeting and how is it different from contextual targeting? What’s in for advertisers and publishers?
To understand the value of such targeting, let’s bring up an analogy with a new T-shirt design a company has come up with and wants to reach out people who would like to buy it. So with current level of smartphones, tables and desktop computers accessibility the way to go will be to reach them out via the web wherever they are. User interest targeting allows to do just that.
Advertisers now can use Adcash platform user interest targeting feature to select users who have shown an interest in cool T-shirt designs. Then, whenever they visit a site, regardless of the site’s theme, your T-shirt ad will be served to them.
On the other hand, contextual targeting allows advertisers to target their ads based on a site’s category itself. So to contrast with interest targeting even more, with contextual targeting your ads will be displayed on T-shirt design related websites, regardless of the users interests.
Now let’s see how it works from a technical stand. The Adcash engine, that sits at the heart of all of the targeting functionality, tracks and aggregates all of the user’s preferences as he browses the web, building up a user interest profile based on the content of the pages they visit.
This data is then combined and analyzed on a per user level and once a pre-defined threshold has been passed, the user will then be classed by the system as being “interested” in that topic.
It’s important to understand that interest targeting is an effective tool for both advertisers and publishers. Because in conjunction with other targeting capabilities, it allows to deliver highly relevant ads to site visitors, which will result in better click-rates, which, ultimately, translates to better earnings.
And let’s not forget about a human emotions component, displaying ads that are relevant to your site’s visitors means they’re more likely to have a positive emotional response to it. And one of the golden rules of online publishing is keep your visitors happy and keep them coming back. User interest targeted ads help you do exactly that.
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