7 Steps to In-App Marketing Success

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Posted: September 6, 2016

Andrew Degenholtz brings some 20 years of experience as an active participant and innovator in magazine circulation and mobile app marketing to his current position as president of Oplytic, LLC, which he founded in 2009. The company offers a variety of tools to help its clients acquire engaged and paying mobile users. He is a member of the Alliance for Audited Media digital edition task force, created to develop best practices for acquisition of digital magazine subscribers.
The mobile advertising industry is booming! According to Business of Apps, total app revenues are expected to grow from $45,37 billion in 2015 to $76.52 billion in the next two years, with in-app purchase revenues hitting $28,9 billion by 2017. As expected, this increase brings a bounty of in-app ad opportunities for the savviest of brands. You know, the ones that incorporate the following seven steps into their marketing strategies.
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Easy Onboarding 
To ensure a great first impression with a streamlined onboarding process, define key objectives that encourage engagement and eliminate poor performing sources that detract from app installation. Communicate your KPIs to your mobile app agency, like Oplytic.com
Instead of budgeting for unnecessary users, try CPA—the ROI-positive alternative to other measures that lets you pay for actual active users and leave Bots along the wayside.
Empowered is the business which sends messages only when it’s relevant to their audience and worthwhile to their bottom line. In other words, communicate more effectively by accessing segments that detail in-app behavior, location, and demographics including gender to boost ROI.
Deep Links
Arm users with the supplemental resources they associate with a rewarding and engaging experience by providing relevant and reliable push notifications.
Custom Tagging
Increase conversions by keeping prioritized users abreast of their event preferences via custom tagging based on user sessions and page views.
Management Dashboard
Build and track campaigns with a dashboard designed to incorporate CRM integration; user flows; special promotional offers and other customized options that garner granular analytics.
Marketing Analytics
Since information is power, the surest path to success is with an analytics agency such as Oplytic which specializes in tracking user behavior, in-app conversions, cross-app promotions and other performance metrics. To ensure your brand is part of the in-app advertising boom, optimize your marketing strategies with an expert in the field.

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