69% of app developers consider full-screen video app install formats to be most effective

Full-screen and social video are the top two most effective app install advertising formats, according to an AdColony survey among 250 top app developers. The App Install Marketing Survey, now in its 7th edition, found that video is also leading when it comes to usage with 96% of developers saying they employ full-screen as well as social video to run campaigns. Interstitial display ranks second (89%), followed by banners (87%).
Indeed, the video format is hugely popular among app install marketers accounting for 50% of all campaign spend. It doesn’t come as a big surprise then that video is receiving much of the budget for app installs.

The report also noted that overall team sizes dedicated to app installs are growing. Since fall 2016, the number of 10+ person teams has almost tripled with 70% of app install marketers on teams of four or more. That has a direct effect on campaign optimisation with 49% of them being updated once a day, compared to 30% in 2015.
In addition, the market opportunity for playable formats continues to grow. Compared to Q3 2016, advertisers have almost doubled the number of campaigns using playable formats in Q1 2017. 71% of marketers said they found the format to be effective and 45% stated that playables were the most exciting format in 2017. However, just 4% of budgets are currently allocated towards playables.

Among the most important targeting parameters for app install campaigns, OS ranks right at the top and is considered to be a key requirement by a majority of marketers. Location and device type were also found to be important parameters.
When it comes to retargeting, it’s clear that advertisers are seeing an effect with 76% using the strategy in Q1 2017 and 37% considering it to be effective.

However, there’s still room for improvement as a vast majority of app developers consider user quality to be the most important concern, followed by pricing and the level of service.
Interestingly, CPI (92%) and CPA (31%) were found to be the dominant two pricing methods used among the surveyed app install advertisers.
Brian Buskas, Chief Creative Officer at AdColony, sums up:

“Top advertisers understand that there’s nothing more powerful than sight, sound, and motion to captivate a consumer’s attention and drive quality installs. That’s why video accounts for three of the four most effective app install formats listed by advertisers, and it’s why video now accounts for 50% of their total advertising spend.”

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