65% of retailers say mobile technologies increased their sales

Mobile is having an impact on retail sales with 65% of them admitting that mobile technologies increased their revenues. Around 42% of sales made through mobile devices come from smartphones according to research by Quip, the messaging software firm.

But mobile technology is not only boosting sales, it’s also having an impact on customer satisfaction (66%) and accessibility (74%). 62% of retailers said it also made them more efficient.

Brick-and-mortar shops are also benefitting from mobile technologies with 14% of 76% of respondents saying they were mobile-first brick-and-mortar retailers and 62% were actively integration such technologies.

However, 54% of retailers admit that they’re not fully prepared to meet customer demand on mobile whilst 25% are in the early stages.

Social media presents a growing opportunity for retailers to communicate with customers. The majority (88%) are still utilising email, but 64% are now using Facebook and 61% are using Instagram to chat with customers.

Mobile access to social media has positioned retailers to become more accessible to customers and 66% said it boosted customer satisfaction.

Bot use has also grown rapidly with 52% of consumers using humans and bots together whilst 39% aren’t using bots at all.

And although smart speakers are growing in importance, they are still behind with 33% of retailers using them for customer support.

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