55% of shoppers are using shopping apps in-store, but probably not yours

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Beacon and location intelligence company InMarket has published research giving an insight into the mobile activity of in-store customers, and the apps they’re using at the time. While more than half are using apps that are related to shopping, only a small percentage of those apps are for the actual store they are in.

55% of shoppers are using apps in stores, but only 8% use that particular store’s app

inMarket In-Store Mobile Usage 2016 Infographic

ImMarket shows 55% of shoppers are using shopping apps while in-store, but just 8% are using the actual store’s app. Breaking down the 55% further, 28% were looking at a shopping list, and 14% were discussing a purchasing decision with another person, either through messages or calls.

These “shopping activities” are the most common use of a mobile device while out shopping, and are followed by messaging apps, and then for listening to music. Respectively, 14% and 12% of mobile users are using their phones this way, which makes shopping and purchase-related tasks three times more common.

Interestingly, social media use came in at just 4% of in-store mobile use, whole mobile games captured 1%. These two categories would score far higher in a survey examining mobile use in most other situations, highlighting how different in-store mobile use is to other environments.

To learn more about InMarket and its beacon technology, visit its website here.

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