50% of Millennials view content exclusively on mobile and desktop devices

Whilst Millennials are typically great at connecting broadcast programme brands to network brands, 50% of them watch content exclusively on mobile device or desktops causing concern for broadcast networks. That’s according to a new report by agency ANATOMY which has examined the media consumption and content discovery habits of over 3,000 Millennials to discover how their behaviours impact on mobile, broadcast as well as over the top (OTT) networks.
Among the main ways used to consume content among Millennials are OTT platforms (71%), followed by traditional TV (54%), mobile (35%) and digital piracy (33%). One in two Millennials watch content mainly on mobile devices or desktops.

Thus, linear viewership is in decline compared to 2016, whilst digital viewing on mobile and desktop has increased the year over. For networks to remain relevant, they will have to seek out promotions within non-linear digital spaces, the report suggests.
ANATOMY’s brand recognition test did find that Millennials who viewed content mainly on desktop and mobile platforms were better at connecting OTT programme brands to network brands. However, brand relevance has to be strong in order to connect to this young audience.
An analysis of Facebook engagement found that it was strongly correlated with greater brand awareness for broadcast networks and OTT platforms.
The time frame between 12pm to 3pm generated 236% more engagements on Facebook than others.

Ultimately though, broadcasters must focus on making the transition from viewing a promo to accessing the content easier. As demand for mobile and desktop viewing grows, promo content navigation has to be simplified.
With the average time users are spending in mobile apps increasing 69% in 2016, ANATOMY found that app usage is higher among the well known online networks such as Netflix. However, websites may provide a better solution compared to apps – essentially offering the same functionality without requiring the user to download and install anything.
Mobile should be optimised for where users spend most of their time – that is within social and messaging apps.
Gabriella Mirabelli, CEO, ANATOMY, explains:

“Our study looked at young millennial consumption, discovery and brand recall habits and the impact those behaviors have on a network’s brand whether it be traditional TV or OTT. What is interesting is that while networks consistently indicate that the viewer is at the center of their thinking, they don’t seem to actually analyze how users truly behave.”

She adds that although on-air promos are still most effective to boost awareness for broadcasters and brands, OTT networks “need to be more precise in order to be effective.”

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