5 Tips For Effective Facebook Campaigns

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Posted: November 28, 2016

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Addict Mobile, the technological business dedicated to R&D of mobile advertising services and technologies, is the most effective mobile media purchasing technology since 2014. Thanks to its algorithms, its DMP and its team of 30 experts, Addict Mobile offers effective mobile marketing campaigns on Facebook and on all mobile levers, while always aiming for profitability.

Manuel Pacreau, Head of User Acquisition


Facebook is the key player in mobile marketing. With 1.66 billion mobile users per month in the third quarter of 2016 (+ 20% compared to the third quarter of 2015), Facebook makes 84% of its advertising revenue through mobiles: 7 billion dollars in the third quarter of 2016 (+59% compared to the third quarter of 2015).

Facebook is the world’s first platform in terms of volume; According to a study by SocialFresh it is the most effective layout for marketers, mainly thanks to the efficiency and sharpness of its targeting capabilities.


On average Facebook accounts for over 30 minutes of the time spent by mobile users on their device, which represents 12.5% of the 4 hours spent on it daily. Yet in 2016 Facebook captured over 21 billion dollars in advertising revenue, which is 20% of global mobile expenditures. Thanks to its extremely easily accessible and ergonomic platform, Facebook is often advertisers’ first choice when starting mobile marketing. But what is less known is the fact that it is often difficult to properly analyze the total amount of accessible data and maintain performance over time on Facebook.

Addict Mobile, the mobile agency described by Facebook itself as being “among the most dynamic in Europe”, daily manages several thousand acquisition campaigns and retargetings on Facebook thanks to its dedicated team of over 15 people. This expert feedback offers 5 tips to optimize the performance of your Facebook campaigns.

  1. A/B testing hundreds of campaigns

A campaign on Facebook (Adset) is defined by: a goal (e.g. newsletter signup or app download), a type of auction, a targeting, an illustration, and a message. It is essential to test hundreds of combinations of the aforementioned elements in order to identify the campaign’s best potential.

For instance, for their client Ventes Privées Addict Mobile tested over 1100 different campaigns in order to target the best way possible the countries and audiences that would be the most engaged.
There are powerful technological tools (PMD – Preferred Marketing D…) that allow creating and managing hundreds of campaigns simultaneously, like the one used by Addict Mobile for instance.

  1. Explore all the formats Facebook has to offer, especially video formats

Addict Mobile uses the traditional formats found on Facebook (banners, carousels) as well as videos, which have become essential these past months. For example, Addict Mobile has used video format in 95% of Fintech Linxo’s campaigns since the performances (over 3.5 million views) are far better than the traditional formats.


The new 2016 formats – slide shows or canvas format – are backed strongly by Facebook. It is therefore essential to use them in order to reach interesting volumes and be at the forefront of mobile marketing.  To be able to create all these formats Addict Mobile relies on a team of 7 graphic designers and a proprietary technology for visual declinations.

  1. Regularly renew visuals

In order to avoid losing momentum in campaigns, decreasing traffic, increasing costs, or even limiting the repetition of advertisements seen per user, it is essential to regularly renew marketing visuals: at least every 15 days. It is also important to contextualize ads depending on the period (Christmas, sales, celebrity events etc…) and according to the target of the campaigns (man, woman, age, country or city etc…)

  1. Exploit look-alike audiences, especially concerning events

One of Facebook’s best performance levers resides in its look-alike audiences. Facebook’s algorithms build audiences that “look like” a target audience that you define, allowing you to target relevant users. Addict Mobile often exploits these look-alike audiences based on key events of the app or the mobile website (registration, purchase, etc…).

To optimize the performance of this type of campaign it is necessary to have a starting audience of at least 1000 users, as well as a fairly low percentage of resemblance to the target audience (maximum 3%) in order to guarantee a quality audience. A higher percentage would allow reaching a wider audience at the expense of its quality. To build and expand these look-alike audiences, Addict Mobile relies on the data of its customers and the data of its proprietary database (DMP).

  1. Test and track the performances of each platform

Facebook allows broadcasting on 3 platforms: Facebook News Feed (on Facebook’s mobile app), Facebook Audience Network (network of partners outside of Facebook) and Instagram.

These 3 platforms offer very different results in terms of volume, CPM (cost per impression), CTR (click rate), CVR (conversion rate), and therefore very different costs per installation or per action. These data must be properly analyzed by differentiating them by platform in order to identify the most effective.  For instance, a lower CTR (click rate) on the audience network is largely compensated by a cheaper CPM (cost per impression). The stake here being to measure the quality/cost ratio of the users acquired on each source, in order to establish the best possible investment strategy.

Facebook is known as the easiest platform to access and the most effective to conduct mobile acquisition campaigns. Nevertheless, it is necessary to have industrialized processes, as well as to manage data efficiently, and to be surrounded with a strong expertise of the platform in order to make the most of it.

Do not forget that Facebook is not the only mobile acquisition lever: mobile users do not spend 100% of their time on Facebook! In order to increase acquisition volumes while controlling performances it is necessary to diversify the levers and exploit the hundred other existing sources of the market (display system, video system, affiliates, Twitter, Google, etc…) by using a centralized mobile media purchasing technology such as Addict Mobile’s.

You can find out more information on Addict Mobile’s official site here.