5 Apps Poised to Transform Your Next Event Experience

By Brandon Rafalson, Head of Content at Bizzabo

Mobile technology is changing the way we engage in business – it has invaded our offices with smart assistants, task management, collaboration capabilities and communication between remote teams and customers.
Now, corporate events are the next frontier for mobile apps.
Whether you’re unveiling a new product at CES or hosting your own expo, interconnectivity can and should be an integral part of your next big business event.
The following apps allow the best of all worlds: enabling the traditional human element of real-world events while leveraging the efficiency and connectivity that only mobile technology can provide.

Note Taking Made Simple

Capturing interesting content and memorable quotes from conference sessions with pen and paper, or with a laptop works for some, but if you don’t want to carry the extra baggage and use your smartphone or tablet instead, using a note taking app can truly change the way you get things done. Apps today offer different styles of note taking – whether you want a minimalistic design and smooth gesture-based functions, or more advanced categorization and cataloging of different forms of media.
Evernote has been the tried and true winner of note taking apps. This incredibly powerful tool takes your notes and organizes them into notebooks, which can be synchronized with your other devices, like your laptop or tablet. When looking at Evernote versus other types of note taking apps, like Simplenote, Notebook or OneNote, you’ll want to decide which features are more important to you. For instance, check the amount of storage you think you’ll need, recalling previous versions of your notes, sending reminders, tagging web pages and images, search functionality, and more.

Live Video Streaming Anywhere, Anyplace

Whether you want to watch a live video feed of a conference session on the main stage at TechCrunch Disrupt, or broadcast yourself from the show floor, there are many different streaming apps to beam video straight from your smartphone camera to the world.
YouNow allows you to start broadcasting in seconds and tag your stream to make it easy for audiences to find your stream in searches. You can also easily share your live stream on your social media sites to get more viewers. Once you’re live, you can also chat with viewers and see who’s watching. Livestream is also one of the market leaders in live video broadcasts online, although most users are transmitting from professional video cameras or high-end webcams, it will work on your smartphone. With this app, you can broadcast yourself, or find and watch thousands of live events and get notified when accounts you follow go live.

Seamlessly Scan Business Cards

Despite all the technology at our fingertips, people still like the feel and look of trading paper business cards. While they’re a highly effective advertising and communication tool, the stacks of cards we accumulate are inconvenient to organize. A good scanner app ensures that your contacts are accessible.
CamCard will scan business cards and add them to your phone contacts and email accounts, and syncs them across all your devices. Additionally, with their business version, you can also easily export the contacts to Excel and CRMs like Salesforce and SugarCRM.

Engage and Message with Event Attendees

Connecting in real-time with attendees at an event has never been all that easy. Especially when you’ve never met in-person. It’s crowded, people are moving from room to room, and moreover, you may not really know who you’re looking for.
Bizzabo’s event app allows you to attend an event and stay up-to-date on the conference agenda, speakers, and attendees. You can use the app for prospecting and communicating with event attendees in real-time at the show. Additionally, Bizzabo’s backend allows event organizers to track how attendees engage with the content and each other, in order to measure and increase performance for events in the future.

Stay on Time for Sessions and Appointments

At busy, crowded events, it can be difficult to stay on top of when and where sessions are taking place, let alone your appointment schedule with contacts. Calendaring apps are finally making it easier to stay on track.
Calendars 5 uses natural language and drag-and-drop capabilities, and lets you fine-tune reminders. Google Calendar is an obvious favorite, but for good reason. It’s getting smarter. Now, flight schedules, dinner reservations and appointments set over email are automatically added to your calendar. Additionally, it integrates with other networking platforms, like Bizzabo, that lets you add a conference session to your calendar at the click of a button.
The good news with all these apps is that the developers behind them want nothing more than to provide event attendees with the most streamlined and connected mobile experience, across all these key categories of engagement. Chances are that once you find the right app for your needs, you’ll never go back to the old ways of trying to stay connected and engaged at professional events.

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