Only 30% of UK small businesses maintain a mobile-optimized website

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In the latest research by YouGov on behalf of eBay, it’s shown that many small businesses in the UK aren’t planning to introduce mobile-friendly websites in the next year, and only 30% of those surveyed currently have an optimised website for consumers to visit on a mobile device.

47% of UK small businesses have no plans to build a mobile website in the coming year


The figures, collated by eMarketer, shows 47% of businesses have no plans to build a mobile website in the coming 12 months, while only 23% intend to work on a mobile optimised website during the same time. Without such a site, these small businesses are neglecting the 38.3 million smartphone users, and 32.8 million tablet users in the country.

YouGov surveyed small businesses that already maintained an online presence or ran an eBay account. Responsive design websites — those which adapt to the screen size on which they are displayed, for the best experience — are shown to increase sales conversions, with eMarketer estimating that 45% of optimised sites see an increase, while the top 8% can see a sales boost of more than 20% using an optimised site.

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