2020 has been a year of enormous upheaval for app marketers… in this interactive panel discussion Zoomd reveals the results of their 2020 State of User Acquisition Survey.

➡️ What platforms app marketers are using?
➡️ How app marketers budgets are changing?
➡️ What app marketers are excited about for 2021?

On this panel, we had:

⭐ Omri Argaman (CMO @ Zoomd)
⭐ Marta Fogel (Head of Performance Marketing @ 7Mind)
⭐ Wendy Tai (Performance Marketing Lead @ Taxfix)
⭐ Anh Nguyen (Director of Performance Marketing @ Wolt)
⭐ Amir Sagiv (Senior Advertising Manager @ Tipico)

You can check out the full video below: