At App Promotion Summit USA WFH 2020 we had a panel of UA specialists discuss how app growth is evolving in 2020.

On this panel, we had:

⭐ Savannah Wu (User Acquisition Manager @ Jam City)
⭐ Julie Booth (Growth Marketing Manager @ Stitcher)
⭐ Marcy Comer (Vice President of Marketing)
⭐ Carter Grieve (Head of Growth @ NorthOne)
⭐ George Natsvlishvili (Head of Organic Growth @ Glovo)

Some of the topics that were discussed by these UA specialists:

✅ How is consumer behaviour evolving?
✅ What trends are we seeing in the major growth channels (Facebook, Google App Campaigns, Apple Search Ads)?
✅ What types of campaigns and creatives are most effective right now?
✅ What are the major challenges facing growth marketers?

You can check out the full video below: