As social media continues to evolve, new platforms and new technologies are constantly emerging and gaining popularity. As a result, advertisers must stay on top of trends and adjust their campaigns and tactics accordingly. Running a multi-channel campaign is not a new concept, but it requires careful consideration to ensure that each platform is utilized to its full potential and harnessing new technologies to keep you ahead of the game.

While it’s possible to use the same creative concept across multiple platforms, some aspects of the ad will need to be adjusted for each one. For example, a static banner that works well on Google or Facebook may not be as effective on a dynamic platform like Snapchat. Therefore, it’s recommended to have an overall concept that can be adapted for each platform.

TikTok, with its over 1.1 billion users worldwide, is the latest and most popular platform to take the social media world by storm. The platform has its own unique style, rules, and culture, and campaigns that have worked on other platforms may not be as effective on TikTok. Advertisers must be willing to experiment and adjust their campaigns to fit the platform’s style in order to drive engagement and avoid low CTR and conversion rates.

Another example is BeReal – an upcoming social media platform that focuses on authenticity and connecting people based on shared interests and values. The platform is designed to foster meaningful conversations and real-life connections, unlike other platforms that prioritize likes and followers.

For advertisers, BeReal presents a unique opportunity to connect with users in a more authentic and meaningful way, using the genuine power of our CGC (creators-generating- content) community, with real creators with different passions, from different regions speaking different languages. For example, a brand that sells eco-friendly products could create a BeReal community for users who are passionate about environmentalism and sustainability. This community could be a place for members to share tips and ideas, participate in virtual events and meet-ups, and connect with like-minded people. The brand could also work with the creator to build a community to promote its products and get feedback from users. While advertising on the platform is still banned, many brands have figured out how to use the authenticity of the platform using real people and influencers as brand ambassadors- creating their own creatives and content in real time.

2023 global buzz is all about AI tools, helping different sectors use the technology for their own private and business needs. For marketing needs, an AI marketing tool can help advertisers and marketers work better with multiple creative assets under a single campaign in several ways:

Optimizing creative content

The AI marketing tool can analyze large amounts of data and identify which creative assets perform best for a particular campaign. This allows advertisers to optimize their creative assets and improve the overall performance of their live campaign.

Automating ad placement

With an AI marketing tool, advertisers can automate the placement of creative assets across multiple platforms, channels, and devices. This ensures that the right creative is delivered to the right audience at the right time.

Personalizing content

AI-powered tools can analyze user data and personalize creative content to deliver a more relevant message to each individual user. This can increase engagement and conversion rates.

Identifying patterns

An AI marketing tool can analyze data from various platforms, channels, and devices at once to identify patterns and trends. This allows advertisers to make more informed decisions about their campaigns and optimize their performance moving forward.

Automated testing – better A/B testing

AI-powered tools can automatically test different variations of creative content and optimize a campaign’s performance accordingly. This can save time and effort for the advertiser and increase the effectiveness of their campaigns.

To avoid ad fatigue, it’s important to refresh creative specs on a regular basis and test different strategies to see what works best with different demographics. This is where by Zoomd comes in, an autonomous marketing ally. By using ongoing insights and statistics, advertisers can understand their audience and make informed decisions about their social campaigns. Avoiding creative fatigue not only maximizes the media budget but also increases the chances of converting new users.