Michael Shubin (Search Ads Consultant and Co-Founder at Angle Connect) spoke at App Promotion Summit London WFH 2020 about scaling and optimising Apple search ads.

Michael is a Search Ads Consultant with 10+ years of app marketing expertise and in this talk he shares his advanced experience with Apple search ads.

He covers the following topics:

➡️ Why search ads, strategies, search ads + ASO
➡️ Single keywords ad-groups
➡️ Bid optimization and scaling workflow
➡️ How to narrow exact match and exclude similar (but different) search terms
➡️ Top outcomes from experiments: Optimal CPT bid, CPA goal, LAT on installs
➡️ What’s new in Apple search ads
➡️ Handy tool to bulk upload keywords + negative keywords

You can check out the video below: