Push traffic is a real way out for making a stable profit in 2021. Mobile marketers worldwide successfully use push ads to drive performance and achieve a new standard of cheap and quality leads.

How to choose the best push ads networks in 2021? RichAds experts prepared a bunch of tips and hacks to grow your business.

What is a push ad?

Push ads are native notifications that appear on the screen of the user’s device. Push notifications are similar to messengers alerts and can be sent either to the desktop or mobile device.

When people see the offer to subscribe to push ads on a certain website, they can either approve it or decline. Those who agree will get browser or mobile push notification ads until they unsubscribe.

What to focus on when choosing a push ads network

Push ads creatives

Usual creatives for web push campaigns include icon, main image, title, description, and emoji. Creatives for mobile push campaigns include icon, title, and description only.

While choosing an ad network, make sure that it’s possible to make split testing of creatives. It’s better to upload 5-10 creatives for one campaign and then follow their CTR. This opportunity is a nice competitive advantage of the traffic source worth paying attention to.

Some ad networks’ teams can prepare creatives special for your offer. It’s a nice feature to differentiate from competitors and get more clicks.

Mobile push traffic

During the last few years, people spend more time online using smartphones, which means that a share of mobile traffic is constantly increasing. Today both Android and iOS users are getting push ads.

Ad networks also offer multiple opportunities for launching mobile campaigns. While choosing a traffic source, evaluate the share of mobile traffic and push ad formats for the two most popular operating systems: Android and iOS.

The most converting options for iOS users nowadays are:

  • Calendar push
  • In-page push

Mobile push notifications have only one visual element − an icon. This makes the process of preparing creatives quick and easy for affiliate marketers. Moreover, macOS and iOS users have higher income which guarantees more quality push traffic.

Other advantages of mobile push ads are advanced targeting options, higher CR, and various engagement opportunities.

Targeting options

It may be challenging to find the right ad network among all push traffic options to satisfy your needs. That’s why the diversity of targeting options may definitely help.

  • Some technical targeting options like country, OS, browser and device are your must even on the launching stage. Today, almost all networks have them, but it’s better to check before making a deposit.
  • If you will work with mobile traffic, check whether the network has carrier and connection type targeting options. During optimization, it may be reasonable to target carriers popular in your GEO and choose between Wi-Fi and 3G.
  • Retargeting is one more great feature for those who want to work with push traffic in the long term. It helps get more detailed statistics about the user and their interaction with your offer and then work with each part of the sales funnel.

Optimization opportunities

Optimization helps to scale campaigns in the future. While choosing a traffic source, pay attention to features and opportunities for optimization.

Automated rules are probably one of the most important features that almost all networks have today. They help to create black- and whitelists and then continue to optimize campaigns automatically.

One more great feature is Target CPA. It determines sources that convert better and prioritize them, reducing costs of conversions and saving the advertiser’s money.
Experts also recommend paying attention to the feature that will help to set up different bids for different parameters of one campaign. You will save money on differences in bids.

The size of the subscriber base

If the base is huge, it will be easier to find the right audience for your offer. Also, you can ask the manager of an ad network about statistics on clicks and impressions to have a better idea of what traffic you are going to run.

Quality of traffic

Human traffic is the most important indicator of the performing ad networks. No bots and 100% human leads provide the best performance. Rely on tools and statistics. Traffic verification instruments (like AdScore, for example) are more credible than reviews on the websites.

Payment model

Running traffic and getting profit is impossible without a properly chosen payment model. Our experts recommend opting for the CPC (cost per click) option. In this case, you choose to pay for real clicks only. Limit the number of clicks not to overpay for useless clicks.

Find the best performing verticals of the ad network

Each push notifications ad network has a pool of the best performing verticals. This trend is quite dynamic, as the verticals depend on traffic ad networks get from the publishers. Choose a traffic source according to your current preferences in niches.

Conversion tracking options

Push campaigns optimization is impossible without quality tracking (via S2S postback). Check whether an ad network is integrated with main tracking tools and which options for tracking are available.

Possibility to limit clicks and impressions

Showing your ad a few times to the same user during the day is a non-effective strategy and may bother users. Choose traffic sources with functions to limit clicks and impressions. It will help you not to waste budget and get quality leads.

Quality tests of a certain traffic source are the most credible method of choosing an ad network that will work with your offer.

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