Cryptocurrencies are one of the most promising verticals in affiliate marketing. Interest in the field is growing, users are learning more about cryptocurrencies and are ready to invest in them. This opens up opportunities for making money, but it is important to understand the peculiarities of this market.

In this article, RichAds will talk about ways to make money on affiliate marketing crypto offers, what features are inherent to the niche, and what factors you should consider before diving into promotion.

What is the cryptocurrency vertical in affiliate marketing

These are offers related to the cryptocurrency industry. They can be divided into 4 categories:

  • Blockchain training;
  • Investments;
  • Trading;
  • Auto-trading.

Let’s cover each category in more detail.

The crypto vertical

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Blockchain is an extensive niche. It includes decentralized technologies, tokens, the currencies themselves, etc. Educational offers are designed to teach users how to interact with cryptocurrencies and help them find a job in this industry. Converting users into leads for training offers isn’t easy. People want to get instant results and start making money, not learn new complicated concepts.


One of the most popular types of offers in the vertical. The user buys cryptocurrencies on cold wallets or invests in funds that buy cryptocurrencies. Subsequent income depends on how the person manages their money. If the user does not want to follow the quotes, they can transfer their funds to a trader for trust management, such offers also exist.


In this case, webmasters promote exchanges and other platforms that are used to trade cryptocurrencies. Promoting such offers isn’t easy, since people that don’t understand the market or cryptocurrencies will just lose money. Many users are already familiar with trading and steer clear of it.


In this case, the client also buys cryptocurrencies but doesn’t engage in trading themself, instead delegating that task to automatic algorithms (bots). They assess the market situation, conduct technical analysis and increase the deposit by trading cryptocurrencies. The main advantage of such offers is that the user doesn’t need any skills to make money, all they need to do is pay for the program.

Which offer category to pick?

Payouts in trading, auto-trading and investments are pretty much the same, so make your choice based on the payout model and how financially-savvy your audience is. Give preference to the CPA model and learn more about your target audience. If its financial literacy is high, promote investments, otherwise, it is better to choose trading or auto-trading offers.

The potential audience of the cryptocurrencies vertical

Promoting crypto offers makes sense the most among two groups. The first is wealthy males over 30, and the second is the younger generation of crypto-enthusiast college students. Let’s go over each of the groups in more detail.

Audience 1: Wealthy men

Men from 30 to 60 from developed countries are one of the most promising audiences when it comes to promoting cryptocurrencies. They see cryptocurrencies as a way to shield their funds from inflation, as well as a new form of gambling entertainment.

According to 2018 data, all major owners of cryptocurrencies are part of this segment, therefore, we recommend testing it out first.

Audience 2: Crypto-enthusiast college students

Over time, crypto market players began to “get younger”. Young people under 25 are interested in cryptocurrencies and invest in them. For example, in the US, about 18% of students prefer to keep part of their funds in the form of a cryptocurrency, and the number of investors among students is growing steadily.

The younger generation is interested in digital technologies, targeting such an audience a promising option.

Is it better to promote offers during price fluctuations or when the market is at peace?

The success of your campaigns depends not only on the creatives and targeting settings but also on the market environment. Potential customers keep tabs on the changes in the niche, and this influences their purchase decision. Let’s consider how users behave during rate spikes and at what point the promotion will be most successful.

Promoting during major spikes

People are always interested in cryptocurrencies. Some players get emotional and buy when the price is at its peak, while experienced investors wait for major price drops. The main thing to keep in mind is the competition between webmasters that are becoming more intense. At moments of peak volatility, competition is fierce, making it necessary to correctly calculate budgets and predict profits.

Promoting during flats

By flats, we mean times when it’s uncertain which way the rate is going to go next. The chart moves horizontally, and this reduces interest among investors since everyone is waiting for a clear trend. Promoting offers during a flat is promising since the competition dies down, but keep in mind that converting users will take more effort.

How to choose a crypto offer?

Cryptocurrencies are a fresh vertical, that’s why you need to be extra careful when picking an offer. We told you how to avoid important mistakes and choose the offer that is the most likely to turn you a profit.

The main problem of the cryptocurrencies vertical

The main problem of cryptocurrencies is their shady legal status. In many countries, cryptocurrencies are outlawed, in other regions, they lack a defined legal status entirely, and in still others, they are successfully controlled by the government.

The unstable status of cryptocurrencies forces advertisers to take risks. If your GEOs bans cryptocurrencies, you’ll lose a promising bundle. Moreover, the semi-legal status we mentioned enables certain affiliate networks to scam the webmaster.

Choosing the right affiliate network

To avoid getting scammed and the network claiming your leads as its own, partner only with legal, white-hat companies. Check the reviews and the network’s reputation, ask around in affiliate chats. Also, check with managers whether it is possible to work on a prepaid basis and whether ready-made promo materials are available.

Choosing an offer

Once you find a suitable affiliate network, study the offer categories. For trading and auto-trading, choose well-known and popular exchanges, and when choosing an investment offer, you need to analyze the proposed assets and choose the most promising ones. Pay attention to the exchange rate, positive news, social media hype and the development of technologies associated with a particular currency.

Choosing a GEO

Despite what you might think, promoting crypto offers in Tier 1 GEOs isn’t the most lucrative option. In fact, audiences from developing countries are the ones who show the most interest in blockchain technologies – the Philippines, Nigeria, Vietnam, and Turkey.

Countries with highest demand for cryptocurrencies

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In these regions, people are looking not only for ways to make money but also methods of saving the funds they already have. Thanks to how easy it is to use them, cryptocurrencies have become popular in such countries, so be sure to test them.

In conclusion

Crypto is one of the most promising verticals. In 2021, the cryptocurrency market has become one of the most discussed topics, so be sure to try your hand in this direction in 2022.

And if you want to learn more about the crypto niche and get practical tips on promoting crypto offers – join us at the upcoming Webinar with the best experts. There, you will learn about the most trending approaches to advertising cryptocurrencies through push notifications, expand your knowledge about the market and learn how to work with the vertical.