6 Steps to Start Advertising Your App On Pinterest TodayThomas Petit is a mobile growth specialist who’s advised many top apps including Playspace, Lernin Games, Cabify, and LingoKids. His motto? Get it Done

Facebook’s CPM jumped 171% in 2017 and 122% in January 2018. In comparison, Pinterest is about 5X cheaper. It’s the perfect time to tap this market, while prices and competition are still low.

HOW TO: Build a Pinterest Ad campaign that drives new users to your app

1. What’s the deal with Pinterest?

People think Pinterest is just weddings and gardens; in reality, it’s a multi-industry platform that’s ranked #1 for high-quality ad traffic. For Thomas, it’s delivered 9X better audience behavior than FB.

Pinterest ads also open directly within the app store, making your app frictionless to install →

Promoted App Pins

Not convinced yet? Here are some additional stats →

2. Use Pinterest’s search data to target high-quality & high-volume audiences

You can target by audience, interests, and keywords. Based on your criteria, Pinterest will suggest a bid amount and estimate group volume, making it easy to get the most bang for your buck.

Pinterest has 5,000 specific interests you can target by. Drill down through the sub-categories to find your winning niches →

Pinterest Interests List

3. Pinterest shoppers aren’t used to ads for apps — make it obvious in your creative

Make sure they know they’re getting an app so they don’t feel misled. Try including a phone or app badge in the image, using a “Download the app” CTA, etc. Because it’s a unique type of ad, expect a lower install rate at first and devote time to iterating your creative to improve that metric.

Test your creatives beforehand to make sure your message is getting across →

Five Second Test

4. Match creatives to the platform with strong colors, bold fonts, and artsy designs

Pinterest lets you add your app icon and has no text limit — take advantage of these features. It also offers multiple ad formats, so experiment to see what format works best for what audience.

Here’s the breakdown of the essential elements you need to include →

Get inspiration and build your first ads using these customizable templates →


5. Once you find your top audiences, target lookalikes to boost lead quality & CTR

Start by retargeting your CRM customers, users who engage with your pins, and finding your winning audience, interest, and keyword criteria. From there, build what Pinterest calls “actalike” audiences to increase volume of high-quality leads.

Use an MMP to track the install rates of your various audiences to find which delivers the best results →


If you already have a preferred MMP, search for it here to see if Pinterest supports it →

Marketing Partners Directory

6. Prepare for seasonal trends with multiple creatives and target audiences

Pinterest is much more seasonal and holiday-oriented than other platforms, so you’ll need to periodically change your messaging and targeting.

Luckily, they post detailed seasonal data on their blog throughout the year →  

Pinterest Business Blog

Browse their overview of 2018 holiday trends so you can plan your content well in advance →

Pinterest Planner

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