At Social Video Strategies USA we had Evan Horowitz of Movers+Shakers (the agency with 90 BILLION views) talk about 5 ways brands can win on TikTok.

Evan gives a 30 minute crash course on TikTok marketing going over the 5 success strategies seen for brands on TikTok and shares some of the learnings that Movers+Shakers has accrued over the last two years working on this platform.

What are the 5 success strategies for brands?

  1. Brand Channels
  2. Influencer Campaigns
  3. In-Feed Ads
  4. Hashtag Challenges
  5. Disruptive Activations

These are the five levers you have as a brand marketer on TikTok.

Evan explains in-depth in the video below as to what they are: