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Discover the best influencer marketing companies.  We've listed the top influencer platforms, agencies, networks and tools in our directory. We have researched many of the new players popping up to provide services and solutions to advertisers, brands and creators. Check out influencer marketing services across the major social platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.

List of influencer marketing companies

Updated: January 17, 2019


Influencer Powered Social Media Marketing


Data-driven influencer marketing platform for brands and agencies

Scrunch is an influencer marketing platform that aims to connect brands and agencies with bloggers and social media....


Branded Instagram Creative at Scale

...leading brands and best creators, the company has managed to acquire a unique expertise for how to make influencer marketing really work.

The Cirqle

Your Gateway To The World's Most Powerful Influencers And Brands


We tell powerful stories for brands through AI powered branded content


Specialists in video activations

PopShorts is an influencer marketing agency that specializes in video activations.

Social Circle

A Home for Creators, a Hub for Brands


Brave. Playful. Digital.

Tamba is an influencer marketing agency (social media agency first) that offers campaigns that aim to deliver on....


Find & Contact Real, Responsive Influencers. Grow your business.

Musefind is an Influencer Marketing platform that connects more than 18,000 influencers with brands to help them to....


Where brands and creators connect


Advertise through Snapchat Influencers at Scale

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The New Standard In Influencer Marketing


We are an influencer agency powered by our own technology. Over 5 years’ experience across 2,000+ campaigns.

Brandnew posits itself as both an influencer marketing platform and agency, offering demographics, influencer onboarding, a campaign builder,....


Create, Share, Monetize

Popular Chips

Your Influencer Marketing Analytics SaaS

Popular Chips is an influencer marketing platform that provides you with thedemographic distribution of the followers of....
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