YouTube makes it easier to recycle video ads to six-second format

Google on Monday launched a new tool which helps advertisers to create six-second video ads from existing longer video adverts.

The Bumper Machine uses machine learning algorithms to automatically identify “well-structured” moments in a video, which include brand information, faces and motion, and convert them into a six-second format.

Six-second in-stream unskippable video ads were originally launched by YouTube back in 2016.

In 2017, YouTube reported that 70% of 122 campaigns using the format drove a lift in brand awareness, whilst nine in 10 drove ad recall with an average lift of over 30%.

“Since introducing six-second bumper ads in 2016 as a way to help you reach more mobile viewers, we’ve found that they punch far above their weight when it comes to effectiveness,” added Vishal Sharma, VP of product management at YouTube. “But producing a six-second video requires additional time and resources that not every team has. That’s where Bumper Machine […] can help.”

Grubhub has been one of the first companies to test the new Bumper Machine, commenting on the extended flexibility being a positive feature of the tool.

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