Younger shoppers prefer convenience of mobile coupons

Younger shoppers are increasingly adopting mobile technologies to shop for the best deals in-store. According to a Smartwallet survey among over 4,000 respondents, five times as many millennials and Gen Z shoppers prefer to use their phones to shop with coupons compared to older generations.

In a similar survey in 2017, the company found that 72% of shoppers aged 55+ were interested in looking for deals online if using coupons was easier.

Mobile coupons have made shopping more convenient as they can be easily stored on a device. In addition, they are often part of store loyalty programmes and users may be receiving offers via text or other notifications. Retailers and brands are also having the opportunity to personalise offers to shoppers.

It takes time to search a local paper for coupons whereas mobile deals pop up on a user’s screen without the need for extensive searching.

In addition, previous research by ReadyCloud CRM noted that 68% of consumers said that digital coupons were helping to build brand awareness.

The act of coupon stacking has come under criticism when using mobile coupons as many stores won’t allow for it contrary to paper coupons.

Smartwallet also found that 43% of male shoppers prefer to use their phones for couponing. However, just 24% of users on Ibotta, the couponing app, are male, suggesting that the gender may not be acting on its impulses.

Ultimately, the use of coupon apps is greatly elevated when users have positive experiences. Ibotta, for example, is looking to attract more male customers by offering deals on electronics.

The age gap is likely to close further as more consumers get to enjoy the advantages of mobile coupons over paper.

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