Yodel Mobile on App Engagement at APS2014

Yodel Mobile‘s CEO, Mick Rigby, spoke at the App Promotion Summit in London this year on app customer relationship management. Yodel Mobile was founded in 2007, and is based in London. The company is an independent mobile marketing agency that offers campaign planning, mobile media buying and tracking services.
Yodel Mobile’s Mick Rigby talks app customer relationship management

In his presentation, Mick told app developers how they can increase their engagement levels and get their downloaders to use their app. He said how marketers getting people to download their app is only the first step. It’s the continued effort afterwards that is key to success. Mick stated that 80% of apps that are downloaded onto mobile phones are used once – not re-engaging with users is a significant area where developers are losing money. His main tips were to always ensure an app is useful to people, that it’s continually updated, and to focus on the mobile marketing side of things, like promoting the app’s new features in an update. Mick finished by saying that mobile retargeting is a secret weapon, but only when the download numbers are there in the first place.
Yodel Mobile’s App Customer Relationship Management Presentation

You can check out Yodel’s presentation and slides below:

The Twitter Reaction
Here’s what a few of the attendees at the App Promotion Summit had to say about the presentation.
Push messages are important:

Got it covered:

Surprising stuff:

Thanks to Mick and Yodel Mobile for giving such an interesting talk. You can find more coverage of App Promotion Summit London 2014 here and we’ll be releasing the video and audio recordings of the event soon.

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