xAd partners with comScore to connect mobile campaigns to in-store visits

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Location intelligence firm, xAd, has partnered with comScore, the media measurement and analytics firm, to roll out a measurement facility that connects mobile campaign delivery to in-store visits. The combination of comScore’s Location Lift in xAd, based on campaign validation and lift methodology, and xAd’s Blueprint technology, lets marketers measure the reach and frequency of their mobile campaigns to understand how campaign delivery is driving store visitation. Results are counted as actual foot traffic into stores. influenced store visitation based on actual foot traffic into stores.
xAd partners with comScore to connect mobile campaigns to in-store visits
Source: research-live.com
According to a Technavio report, the US location-based search and ad market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of almost 40% from 2016-2020. However, only impact measurement shows the true value of location data.
Since the majority of retail commerce still happens in-store, showing a direct correlation between mobile ads and offline sales could be a valuable indicator of the effectiveness of a campaign.
comScore Location Lift in xAd wants to address that challenge.
Shashi Seth, Chief Product Officer, xAd, explains:
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“Accurate measurement tools are essential in helping brands understand how advertising impacts sales, particularly in the relatively new and fast-growing sector of location-based advertising. xAd’s goal is to help bring people to a better place through location intelligencein this case, by finally providing marketers with a reliable store visitation metric. Collaborations like this one will help establish a new standard for offline measurement while helping to deliver more accurate and timely ROI metrics to advertisers and publishers alike, validated by the leading online measurement company in the world.”

For now, the solution will be available for mobile campaigns through xAd worldwide. It is being rolled out for desktop and TV through comScore later down the line.
Duncan Trigg, SVP of Advertising, comScore, adds:
duncan trigg

“We’re excited to help advertisers close the loop between ad exposure and in-store conversions through this new partnership. comScore Location Lift in xAd will provide the cross-media comparable insights brands need to understand how they’re reaching their target audiences across screens, and whether those impressions converted into actual physical store visits.”

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