Why Mobile Video Advertising is Set to Take Off in 2015

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Posted: March 18, 2015

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GoWide is a mobile ad platform that connects mobile consumers via partnerships with mobile publishers and app owners. Artyom Dogtiev is the Head of Branded Content at GoWide. Art began his career in the tech industry in 2001, before joining GoWide in 2013. 

Mobile video advertising more than doubled in 2014 making it the fastest growing category in advertising. The hyper growth for mobile video ads, both for monetizing mobile apps and promoting products or services, has only just begun. In the US alone, 50 million people are watching video on their mobile devices and 15% of all online video hours globally are viewed on tablets and smartphones, according to Business Insider. Advertisers have taken notice. Given the growth of mobile video and expectations for continued popularity, they’re adapting to media consumption habits resulting in higher quality video and more of it.
Growth in mobile video advertising
mobile video ad growth
In 2015 we’re expecting to see video ads making an even stronger impact on the mobile space. According to pocketgamer.biz, 35% of game developers are now using video ads. This number will only grow because more and more developers are starting to believe that video ads are expected to deliver higher quality users in comparison to other ad formats like static banners or interstitials. Below is a look at how video is changing the mobile advertising landscape.
According to IAB report, ad viewers in health and beauty categories recalled TV ad brand messages 19% of the time in comparison to 45% for digital videos. Similar results were found in ad research into other verticals. Video-centric campaigns have become a dominant way for brands to engage with consumers who are constantly connected to their mobile devices.  Mobile is increasingly becoming an integral part of brands’ advertising campaigns. TV and desktops now serve as a complement to video ads appearing on smartphones and tablets. The approach is a logical choice for marketers knowing that videos on mobile devices can result in almost three times more engagement than on desktop.
Video ads have higher recall
Along with native ads, video ads are the hottest two ad formats in mobile advertising today. Video popularity has also driven the development of new ad formats like expandable creative formats. More flexible formats allow the real estate for greater viewer engagement. Advertisers are now drawing viewers with multiple expandable videos that then deliver branded content via a full-screen advertisement. According to the mobile advertising network, InMobi, the most efficient formats of video ads are Pre-roll Video, Video Expandable, Videostitial, and InBanner, which enhance view-through rates by 25%, improve CTRs by 3x and deliver up to 200% higher app install rates and higher brand recall.
The video engagement experience has seriously improved. With smartphone usage increasing, brands must engage with users on-the-go. Not only can the visuals attract the eye of the audience, but brands can use the technology to be more creative within their video campaigns. They’re now able to create a better experience as the quality of mobile device screens, like Apple’s Retina Display, have greatly enhanced image quality. Not only can the visuals attract the eye of the audience, but brands can use the technology to be more creative within their video campaigns.
With the use of mobile rich media, brands are establishing an emotional connection with consumers and changing advertising on a global level. With completely non-incentivized views, users acquired through video campaigns deliver higher lifetime value. The video ad format has more ability to deliver the content expressively, are more relevant to the product and deliver higher Lifetime Value (LTV) than other ad formats.
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