WeQ launches dedicated influencer marketing agency

Anne Freier | March 12, 2019


WeQ, the mobile ad agency, today announced that it has launched a new marketing agency dedicated solely to influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is projected to attract $10 billion in spending in 2019. WeQ INFLUENCERS will focus on tracking, attribution and KPI-driven results to reach 100 million highly-targeted users in 2019.

WeQ INFLUENCERS will be joined by co-founders Elena Kutsopal and Olga Wese as managing directors.

“By bringing our mobile marketing expertise and deep knowledge of social media platforms to WeQ INFLUENCERS, we can help brands and app developers engage with high quality consumers across a wide array of key markets, through a fully transparent marketing approach – even by allocating conservative budgets, as we think this channel should be affordable to everyone,” said Elena Kutsopal.

Kutsopal previously co-founded the European office of Mail.ru and previous positions include leadership roles at Cheetah Mobile (musical.ly), Glispa, Gala Networks, and Booking.com.

Meanwhile, Wese has been busy rolling out games to Facebook Messenger at Softgames through brand collaborations.

Among the ad types on offer at WeQ INFLUENCERS are native influencer ad integrations and influencer endorsements, all of which come with a suit of optimisation features to maximise ROI.

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