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Partner Post - WebEye Leader of global game distribution & mobile advertising

Posted: September 11, 2018

When reading this title, you may wonder who WebEye is. Let’s take a glance at its rankings first:

  • The world’s top 10 digital marketing companies focusing on games and mobile APPs.
  • Developed Asia’s top 2 digital marketing platform
  • The 1st company in Asia to raise the concept of “live-data” in the advertising industry

This is WebEye. Founded in 2015, it has made stunning achievement in digital marketing and mobile monetization.  


WebEye provides comprehensive publishing solutions for games & APPs, helping partners identify target users and reach ideal customers. It covers three verticals: APPs, games, and e-commerce. And its areas of expertise are media buying, programmatic bids, and affiliate marketing. It leverages a self-built DSP and establishes diverse pricing models, including CPI, CPA & CPM. With its advanced targeting algorithm, it guarantees high conversion rates.


And don’t think WebEye only specializes in the services above. WebEye also has years of experience in traffic monetization, helping publishers maximize revenue. Its global fill rates remain high because it has many direct offers. Therefore, WebEye gets the best eCPM possible for publishers. Meanwhile, it supports flexible ad formats and presents only what are suitable to ensure that user experience is never compromised. 

WebEye Team

WebEye’s offices are located in major cities of China (Nanjing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai) and Israel (Tel Aviv). There are Approximately 160 employees, 100 of which are engineers who dedicate themselves to big data & AI research. Our technology-driven Approach ensures the innovativeness and effectiveness of our digital marketing platform. Meanwhile, we keep positive attitudes and pay close attention to clients’ needs. So, we got you covered!  

Prefer to meet our professional representatives in person? No problem! We actively attend international conferences, such as:

  • The European Summit in Prague, on September 14th-17th, at market table No. 8 

  • Affiliate Summit APAC in Singapore, on October 1st-3rd, at booth No. 9 

We welcome you to swing by and say hello!

Still curious about how WebEye managed to push its hundreds of partners to succeed? Contact us at https://www.webeyemob.com/

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