Ways IoT Will Change the Way We Live

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Posted: July 3, 2018


The Internet of Things (IoT) has been hailed as the next best thing since the advent of the internet and it’s not hard to see why. IoT promises to make life easier, more comfortable, and better in general. The tide has begun to drift away from the old ways and several IoT companies are working hard to provide novel IoT application development solutions which will change the way we approach all tasks in the future.

With these IoT solutions providing more optimized and efficient methods of doing everything, from the most technological to the most mundane, it’s clear that the future will experience a proliferation of an increasing number of IoT trends. 

What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things can be loosely described as an interconnection of devices working together to gather and process data. Objects that operate as IoT devices usually have tiny sensors embedded into them that do the work of data collation and processing, and the goal is to use IoT solutions to make life easier and more convenient. 

The changes IoT has already brought are quite amazing. It’s now possible for us to go from checking if the chicken is spoiled in our fridges, to using IoT sensors to detect possible biochemical threats in airports.

IoT devices are estimated to reach 25 billion by 2020. In this article, we’ll look at more ways in which IoT will change the way we live.

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Improved Transport System

There will be a major reduction in time spent in traffic. It’s no secret that most urban areas around the world are now heavily congested with more people moving from rural regions. This has created a serious traffic problem, but there are now a few IoT solutions for this.

For example, stoplights with video sensors can determine a car’s position and switch lights from red to green, reducing both congestion and smog in the cities. There are also apps that can give parking space information to drivers idling and looking for space, a problem that causes up to 30% of traffic.

Industrial Growth

IoT trends and solutions are not just limited to our homes and domestic lives as industries are seeing a significant increase in efficiency due to IoT application developments. By installing sensors into their manufacturing units, companies are reporting output rate increases of up to 25%, with 30% fewer workers.

Self-Driving Cars

A most popular and fascinating IoT trend has to be the self-driving car rolled out by Tesla. The cars have been involved in a series of tests and founder Elon Musk is quite sure self-driving cars will be something people will purchase in the future.

Apart from self-driving cars, hand driven cars are already being created to coordinate with and anticipate the needs of the driver. The Tesla S has an impressive acceleration of 0 to 100 in 4 seconds and an ability to travel up to 670 miles per single charge. These cars can find the nearest charging spot when low on charge, dim high beams when another car approaches, automatically drive in open roads, in traffic, and even parallel park!

IoT Solutions Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

With IoT solutions, people can now check all their vital organs and can also measure and record all their personal fitness goals. Elderly patients can now be easily monitored using IoT application developments solutions which comprise tiny accessible devices in the form of bracelets, watches, rings and the like. 

Devices can remind patients to take pills and also record compliance. Important things like vital signs, blood pressure and originality of drugs can also be remotely checked with IoT sensors.

Abundant Harvests

Farming will see an explosion in annual produce with the adoption of IoT solutions. Already farmers have employed various apps on their smartphones that can help control and understand their farm conditions. 

IoT devices can now collect valuable data about the air, soil, weather, wind, humidity, sunlight, and other conditions that can affect the condition of crops and farm animals. A problem as simple as water sprinkling, when controlled with IoT, has now been optimized to only come on when the crops need them and this is extremely useful in drought regions.

IoT application developments also help with pest control. Sensors can detect the arrival of certain pests and release pheromones that can destroy them before the mating season arrives. This greatly reduces the number of harmful pesticides sprayed on crops.

All of these techniques will definitely lead to increased production of food and possibly reduce the need for unhealthy food growing practices.

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Safer Cities

IoT solutions have also been focused heavily on ways to solve security problems all around the world. In the future security systems are going to be more unified with both public spaces, homes and other buildings utilizing safer systems. 

Examples include video sensors that can detect unusual or extra motions and collect video reports of activity, sensors on the roof that can pick up unusual weather activities and help predict weather conditions daily. Biometric home security devices which can help keep dangerous elements away. There also fire sensors that can detect both smoke and carbon monoxide in the atmosphere and also raise alarms while controlling the fire.

Better Retail Experience 

The customer experience can be greatly modified to become easier and faster with new IoT trends. Automatic checkout points are already in place at certain stores which will reduce time spent in lines waiting to check out. Sensors can also collect important information on your shopping habits and guide you towards items you’re most likely to prefer.

Workers can also us smart inventory data to avoid mistakes when creating tags, labels, and SKU numbers. This makes it very easy to find products which are about to expire.

Energy Management

The cost of energy is one that has greatly troubled governments, especially in urban and congested areas. With IoT, energy usage can be easily optimized and lowered by a wide margin.

Energy can be monitored and lowered when not in use to increase the efficiency of these devices. Analysis of energy grids can be also done on the fly to send alerts when energy is about to go off, amongst other things.


The future we seek is here and it’s even better than what was conceived. IoT application development companies are working to find more solutions that can help solve some of the world’s most worrisome problems. This is in the hopes of creating a future which is not only convenient for us, but safe. Contact Dedicated Developers and we’ll work with you to create IoT projects that best suit your company needs.

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