Vungle partners with LINE Plus for app developers to monetise across APAC region

In-app video marketing platform, Vungle, has partnered with LINE Plus Corporation, the chat messenger, as part of an exclusive monetisation alliance.
The move will make it easier for app developers on Vungle to access mobile consumers based in Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia and Thailand. It comes at a time when in-app advertising revenues are estimated to reach $117.2 billion in 2020, up from $40.5 billion in 2015.
Game app revenue accounted for 81 percent of total global app revenue last year. However, as the app market is becoming more saturated, developers are looking for ways to boost their revenue streams whilst also enhancing the user experience. In-app video ads have previously been shown to offer better retention rates and drive in-app purchases.
Zain Jaffer, CEO of Vungle, explains that interactive in-app video tends to engage consumers whilst converting rather well.

“[A]nd they’ve become a leading strategy for app monetisation. In fact, some mobile developers are earning over 90 percent of their total revenue by working with Vungle for in-app video monetisation.”

Vungle recently announced an annual revenue run rate of $300 million for 2017 as well as 400% growth in China. The collaboration with LINE will set the company on track to expand further into the APAC region.
Hong Kim, General Manager for Vungle Korea, adds:

“With Vungle’s global video marketing expertise and LINE’s expansive user base, LINE game developers that integrate our SDK will be able to conduct their marketing activities more effectively to drive new revenue streams and enhance user experiences.”

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